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At Dallas Tennis the primary mission of our Education Academy is to emphasize how athletic activity and education go hand in hand to equip students with life skills that will lead them to a productive life. It’s an unparalleled social platform for athletic fun and friendships.  For hundreds of Dallas youth from under-resourced areas, the balance of tennis and education starts with our After School program, which runs for 24 weeks each year at multiple schools. Currently the After School programs reaches 10 schools providing one hour of academic support and one hour of tennis each day.  Our Education Academy coaches dedicate 90 hours of instruction in Dallas and Irving ISD and are looking to add additional campuses.


Partnering with the Dallas Parks and Recreation Department the Education Academy can provide free summer tennis programs to many underserved areas of the Dallas community.  Many of these children would not have the opportunity to attend a summer camp and learn the many lessons that tennis can offer.  The Summer National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) program makes these camps possible for children ages 4-18.  Typically, the camps reach out to over 450 campers at various recreational sites in South, West and East Dallas.



Junior Development (JD) is the starting point for those that are new to the game.  Students begin with smaller courts (Quick Start Courts) and lower compression balls that give them the advantage of learning the game more quickly.  As their skills progress, they progress to larger courts with higher compression balls.  The goal is to take them from a beginner level to an intermediate level.  The JD program is offered year- round at Kiest Tennis Center and for 24-weeks at three satellite locations.


Programming here is more intense and prepares the junior players for match competition.  While the players develop more sophisticated tennis skills, they also learn life skills in dealing with sportsmanship, rules, etiquette, and match pressures.  These experiences will aid them in dealing with adversities and opportunities throughout their life.


Junior Competitive players practice at the home of the Education Academy, Kiest Tennis Center, four nights per week and two hours on Saturday for a total of ten hours per week of professional instruction from our USPTA/USPTR certified professionals.  In addition to the instruction, Junior Competitive players are encouraged to take part in various tournaments to hone their competitive skills and raise their rankings.  They are also strongly encouraged to join their high school tennis teams.


Those that progress to the Nowitzki Excellence Team have exhibited the talent, work ethic and discipline to progress to the highest level of tennis play.  Their commitment to their sport and their education makes them our leaders of the future and the Education Academy is proud to financially support their efforts. The Team travels to National and International events, learning, growing, networking, and competing against the world’s best junior players.  While traveling they also commit to community service at these events. Most of these players will play collegiate tennis, and a few will go into the professional ranks.  The Nowitzki Foundation is proud to support these players.

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