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Adult Leagues

DALLAS TENNIS USTA Adult Leagues serve Dallas' diverse tennis community through a variety of programming, but our players are hitting the winning shot! With every USTA Adult League registration, Dallas players are supporting the organization’s benevolent programs.  50% of every Adult League registration directly funds the DALLAS TENNIS Education Academy.

DALLAS TENNIS and its 43 area tennis facility partners offer USTA Adult League play 12 months a year.  USTA Adult League programming includes 6 adult leagues (18+ ADULT (Fall and Spring/Summer), 40+ ADULT, 55+ ADULT, 65+ ADULT and 18+ MIXED), 5 weekend events (W. Lone Star, Combo, Tri Level, 40+ MIXED and 55+ MIXED) and 1 social/recreation league (SUMMER SLAM). 

The Dallas tennis community is competitive which positively impacts DALLAS TENNIS USTA Adult Leagues.  Having the opportunity to form teams, participate in structured league play and compete for the chance to win a USTA National Championship is what distinguishes DALLAS TENNIS’ USTA Adult League programming from local competitors.  Surveys show that Dallas players enjoy the team competition, camaraderie, the positive effects tennis has on their mental and physical well-being, but they also LOVE TO WIN! 

DALLAS TENNIS Division Breakdown Format Dates.png


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