It is mandatory that all coaches are Safe Play certified.

See below for information needed. 

Make sure you have all players in the correct age group and division. 



To request a Team Number, please email with the following information:

  • Level/Division:

10U Orange Novice, 10U Orange Advanced 

10U Green Novice, 10U, 10U Green Advanced

12U Green Novice, 12U Yellow Novice

12U Intermediate, 12U Advanced

14 U Novice, 14U Intermediate, 14U Advanced

18U Novice, 18U Intermediate, 18U Advanced

  • Team Name:

  • Site or Facility (if applicable)

  • Captains Name and USTA#

  • Co-Captain’s Name and USTA# (if applicable)

Your Team Number will be emailed for Player Registration