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Captain's Corner

What every USTA captain needs to know to succeed on and off the court.

Did you know?

On your TennisLink homepage, My Quick Links located under Help Center, captains and players have the ability to look up rules and regulations and other USTA facts. (Great resource!)


Looking for a USTA Team?

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to allow DALLAS TENNIS to share your contact information with USTA ADULT League captains. This does not guarantee that a captain will reach out.  Instead, this database offers a channel for captains to potentially contact players if they are looking to add players to their rosters.  DALLAS TENNIS does not use this list to personally place players on USTA ADULT League teams.


Find Players

If you are forming a USTA ADULT Leagus team and need more players please click below to see a sortable list.  Thank you in advance for helping DALLAS TENNIS get players on the court!  GROW THE GAME!

Order on the Court in 2023!


It is not whom you know, it's what you know.  Knowledge makes you powerful.  Click the links below to stay on top of your game!


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