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At Dallas Tennis when we say that tennis is for everyone, we literally mean everyone.  That is one of the most beautiful things about our sport, it can be adapted for players of every ability and disability. Through creative use of equipment and one on one volunteer interaction everyone finds their joy.  The Education Academy takes great pride in spreading the love of tennis to many who once believed athletic activity was out of their reach.  Nothing makes our hearts jump with joy like showing adaptive players that they too can enjoy the game.

Giving back to the community is a fundamental building block of the Education Academy.  Together with Education Academy staff and volunteers, each week more than 100 students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities grow their passion for tennis at multiple sites throughout Dallas. 

For 30 weeks each year, students at Bachman Recreation Center, Highland Park United Methodist Church Belong Ministry, Connecting Point of Park Cities and Community Connections learn tennis in an adaptive format, playing indoors with smaller rackets and foam balls to assure a safe environment.  Most of these students are adults, which is where the greatest need is evident. The public schools provide some services up until age 22 but provide nothing after that age.

Our Cerebral Palsy students and Scottish Rite students are mostly children.  They meet approximately 12 weeks per year in multiple sessions.

Both the students and volunteers reap the benefits of this interaction for one hour each week.  It is truly a blessing to both.

Interested in volunteering? Simply fill out the interest form to begin. 


For more information about Adaptive contact Jane Morrill |

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