JTT General Information

What is it?

JTT Coaches!

Plays Days: Sunday, September 26 - Sunday, October 17 - Sunday, October 24


Junior Team Tennis (JTT) is a program that provides organized match play in a team setting. Through singles doubles and mixed doubles formats, team competition helps kids develop a sense of individual contribution within a group.

JTT is divided into two groups:

  1. Local JTT - No advancement to Sectional Championships.  This group includes all 10U Orange Ball and 10U Beginner Green Ball.  

  2. Sectional JTT- Division winners have the opportunity to advance to a Sectional Championship and compete against other JTT teams in the USTA Texas Section.  This group includes 10U Green Ball (intermediate/advanced) through 18U Advanced.

JTT is also a great way to get ready for the playing environment of a school tennis team. From junior high to college university, coaches like to see that players have experience contributing to a team

What is the format?

PLAY-DAY FORMAT: This means that all teams in a division (or flight within a division) will play at one time, in one location, using a round-robin draw.


  • Each play day will be managed by the Dallas Tennis Association.

  • The number of play days will be determined by the number of teams in the division.

  • The site/location of each play has not been determined, our goal is to use a neutral site.

  • Not all divisions will play on each date

  • Playdays usually run between noon - 5pm (depending on the division).


What age division should I play in?

Divisions are based on age. As validated in TennisLink, players must remain age eligible through the final day of the month in which season sectionals are held to be able to register, participate and advance in the USTA Texas Sectional Junior Team Tennis. Players are allowed to play in higher age divisions (example: a 12-year-old would be allowed to play in 14U or 18U).


What rating level should I play in?

Each age division, except for 10U, is split into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Each level is defined by the USTA Jr. Ratings.  Players that have played a minimum of four matches in the last 18 months in 12U-18U divisions in a USTA sanctioned or non-sanctioned junior tournament, and/or Junior Team Tennis, will more than likely already have a rating. Players who have not participated in any of these events in the last 18 months, or that are new to USTA sanctioned competition, will need to complete the self-rate process. 

IMPORTANT players need to self-rate within the rating bands indicated for the level they wish to play (example: a player who is registering for a 14U Intermediate team must self-rate at 3.4 or below). PLEASE take the time to review the Junior Tennis Rating information.