Ratings are designed to reward you for competing, inspire you to develop your game, and offer the opportunity to compete more regularly and to be the best you can be. Utilizing this rating system is a great way to group players of similar ability together on teams and within line-ups. Click on the picture for more details on Junior Ratings for USTA Texas.

How do I search for a Junior Rating level?

Step 1. Click here to go to TennisLink
Step 2. Log in to your TennisLink account

Step 3. Enter your USTA Account #, Tournament #, or Player Name in the "Find a Jr. Rating Level search box

What is my Junior Rating?

If you have played a minimum of four matches in the last 18 months in any of the following, then you more than likely have a dynamic rating:

  • 12U-18U divisions in USTA sanctioned and non-sanctioned junior tournament and/or Junior Team Tennis Leagues

  • USTA Men's and Women's opens

  • USTA Pro Circuit events

  • U.S. Internationa Tennis Federation (ITF) events


A player must play another player with a dynamic rating in order for that match to count towards the four matches. It may take many more matches to generate a rating in TennisLink.

If you have not participated in any of these events in the last 18 months, or if you are new to USTA sanctioned competition, you will need to complete the self-rate process.  Players should rate themselves based on their overall tennis ability.  If players are stronger at singles or doubles, they should base their rating on the stronger game.

Click here for the Junior Rating Descriptions

How is USTA Texas utilizing Junior Ratings?

Junior ratings will also be required for USTA TEXAS Sectional Track.  Local tracks that are not participating in sectional competition are not required to use ratings.

*A Player may always play up in a division if allowed locally but may not play down a division.