Slam 1:

June 18-19, 2020 Women’s Weekday

June 19-21, 2020 Men’s and Women’s Weekend

Slam 2:

July 9-10, 2020 Women’s Weekday

July 10-12, 2020 Men’s and Women’s Weekend

Slam 3:

July 30-31, 2020 Women’s Weekday

July 31-August 2, 2020 Men’s and Women’s Weekend


August 2, 2020 (This will be a late afternoon-evening Championship)

Answers to most asked questions
about Summer Slam:

Scoring Format.


  1. All local league matches, and local league championship matches will be played using the best of two sets criteria, conventional scoring, with a Coman set tiebreak (the first to 7 by 2) at 6 games all and a Coman match tiebreak (the first to 10 by 2) in the event of split sets.  In the Coman tiebreak players change ends of the court after the 1st point, the 5th point, the 9th point, the 13th point, etc…


NTRP Impacting.



Late Penalties.

Penalties for late arrival (0-5 minutes/1 game & loss of toss, 5-10 minutes/2 games & loss of toss, 10-15 minutes/3 games and loss of toss, 15:01 minutes/default).  These penalties apply to physically being on court not just on site.


Warm Up.

Social distancing requires that we request players to arrive NO MORE THAN 10 minutes prior to match time.  They should go directly to their pre-assigned courts. At match time, they may have a 5-minute warm-up, including serves.  THERE ARE NO WARM-UP COURTS!!!  Please tell your players.  Facilities will not be open earlier than 15 minutes prior to the first match. 


The DTA has reserved and scheduled every available court at each facility.  There are no extras.  To stay on time, we STRONGLY ASK that you stress to your players to be on time, know where they are going, be ready to start at set match time.  THANK YOU!


Timely Play.

7M. Play should be continuous.  Between points, a maximum of20 seconds is allowed.  When players change ends at the end of a game, a maximum 90 seconds is allowed.  At set break, 120 seconds (2 minutes) is allowed.


No Coaching!


Court Assignments.

Court assignments will be posted at each site. 



The DTA will have a volunteer at every site.  Due to social distancing, they are simply there to put new balls on court and call time if warm ups are going long.   There will not be a check in desk.  Our goal is to eliminate groups forming!






10. FORFEITS/Team Defaults:

10A. Forfeits start from the lowest singles or doubles lines.  A team must play the majority of lines each team match or that match shall be considered a “team default”.  If a “team default” occurs for any reason during round-robin play, the defaulting team will (1) default all remaining matches in the round-robin, (2) not be eligible for the same Local League Championship for that season, and (3) all team members of the defaulting team must split up in the following season with no more than 4 members of the defaulting team on any one team in the following season.  After the season, if all teams in contention for championship play have already played the defaulting team in good faith, the matches stand as played; otherwise all matches of the defaulting team shall be invalid.


Match Play.

All matches MUST BE played on the day and time scheduled at the location specified. 

WAIVER OF CLAIMS.  Players, participants, and any spectators or individuals that are participating in USTA tournaments, programs, or events acknowledge the risks associated with tennis, accept those risks voluntarily, and in consideration of their acceptance in the USTA tournaments, programs or events, assume all loss or damage, and any claim or demand therefore on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in illness and/or death arising out of or related to their participation, including without limitation as a result of any exposure to infectious syndromes or diseases whether caused by negligence or otherwise. By participating or attending a tournament, program, or event, the players, participants, and any spectators assume all risks whether known or unknown. Furthermore, players, participants, and spectators agree to release and hold harmless the USTA, its affiliated Sectional Associations, and Districts/Subdivisions, and the host facility (hereafter, Released Parties) and the Released Parties employees and agents with respect to any injury or loss caused by negligence or otherwise to the fullest extent permitted by law.


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