2018 USTA Texas Section Revision that Dallas’ Local Leagues will follow for Post Season Play (League Play Offs and City Championships):


NEW as of 10/2/2017:  Players will be allowed to play on more than one team (if they are at different NTRP levels) at a Section Championship.


USTA Dallas 2018 Rules and Regulations Update as of 10/6/2017! If a player participates on more than one team during Post Season Play (i.e. League Play Offs, City Championship, etc…) matches for multiple NTRP levels may be scheduled on the same day and time or different locations. Schedules may not be adjusted by the coordinator nor will match start times be delayed due to waiting on a player that is playing in a different match at another NTRP level.


  • Player rest periods between different levels of play will NOT be guaranteed.  Rest periods are only allowed if it is within the same level of play.  Post Season (i.e. League Play Offs, City Championship, etc…) schedules and matches will not be delayed by NTRP Level should a player participating on more than one team still be on court or just coming off court at a scheduled match time.

7H. NEW 2018 Match play must begin no later than 15 minutes after the designated start time per the 15-minute default rule. No line shall begin play before the 15-minute default time has passed unless all players from the higher singles/doubles positions are present.  Defaults must be from the bottom up.  (i.e.: Line 2 singles or Line 3 doubles if players are not available at the start of the match.)  Doubles teams are to be moved up as a pair.

7I.  NEW 2018 The team captain for each team shall exchange their team line-up simultaneously prior to the beginning of the team match. No substitution may be made in an individual match after the lineup has been presented, except for injury to, illness of a player during warm-up and an eligible replacement can be made within the default time. The substituted player may only take the position of the player whom they are replacing. If the substitution is made during the warm-up, the substitute player is entitled to a five-minute warm-up.

9A. Within 12 hours of a completed match, BOTH CAPTAINS are responsible for entering scores using USTA TENNIS LINK.  The first captain (or designated team member) to log on will enter the scores and the second captain (or designated team member) to log on will confirm or dispute the already reported results.  In the event of a disputed score, contact the DTA office with the details at

NEW 2018 Match play and points are to be awarded to the player(s) who physically completed the match.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Players may not be substituted during Score Entry on USTA TENNIS LINK nor may match results be altered.  This will result in an AUTOMATIC Forfeit/Team Default, noted in rule #10. Both captains and players involved will be removed from USTA Dallas ADULT League play indefinitely.


USTA National

2017 USTA League Regulations

Recent change to the Move Up/Split Up Regulation (2.06A) has been implemented effective as of September 14, 2017

Below are the highlights:

  • Teams may move up one NTRP level, all of the team members or just some of the team members if they chose to. This is the same as prior years.

  • Split-up only applies to the same Division (Adult or Mixed),  same age group and same NTRP team level that the team qualified for or advanced to a National Championship, and applies to players that were eligible to advance by playing three (3) matches, with 1 default counting for eligibility.  This is different – an example is, your 3.5 40 & Over team qualifies for nationals – there is no limit on the number of players who choose to play together next year on a 3.5 18 & Over team and/or a 7.0 55 & Over team as long as their ratings permit, and they meet the age group’s criteria.

  • Sections have the option to restrict crossover between Divisions and Age Groups so players should check their Section Regulations when forming teams.




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