What time does a play-day start?

Play days will begin at noon approximately.

How is a JTT season played?

The DTA will use “play day” format. A play-day means that teams in a division (or flight within a division) will meet at one location and compete against each other. Some quick notes about the play-days:

  • Each play day will be managed by the Dallas Tennis Association.

  • Schedule and scores posted into USTA TennisLink.

  • The site/location determined with registrations and will be posted once schedules are finalized.

How long does a play-day last?

Unknowns (such as how long matches will take to complete) make this a difficult question to answer. We strive for 1.5 hours to complete a team match.

Match format is one set. First to six games with a set (7 point) tiebreaker at 5 games all. No ad scoring.

If you have a "bye", will there be long wait times?

Byes might be necessary to make the schedules work. Due to covid-19 restrictions, we will keep wait times at a minimum.

Do teams have to play matches at the play-day?

No. Our goal is to get matches played and we will work with teams, as best we can, to make sure matches get played.

What is the cost of JTT?

The DTA charges $38.00 per player for the season. Each team will have at least three team matches. We do not interfere with how a captain chooses to use players, but it is highly encouraged that captains act fairly when determining playing time.

What will be the covid-19 restrictions?

As soon as we outline covid-19 guidelines, we will communicate those clearly.